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After driving to Limon with the public bus and taxi to Moin, you will go by boat to Tortuguero. On this trip which takes around 3,5 hours you can see sloths, monkeys, caymans etc. The boat will stop on the way at a small restaurant.

Depending on the season there is a tour through the village of Tortuguero (November to June) or between Juli and October a turtletour in the night.

All tours are guided by the certificate biologist Barbara Hartung.

The following morning you will paddle with a canoe to the natural side canals of the national park, where are a lot of possibilities to observe wildlife. Duration around 4 hours.

Ongoing there is an approximately 2-hour-roundtrip by foot through the Tortuguero National Park with lots of information about flora and fauna in the tropical rain forest.

The tours will be followed by the boat trip back to Moin, PAvona or the extension day in Tortuguero.


For further information or reservations please contact directly Barbara Hartung: