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Sea Kayaking

If you have the arms - we have a lot of ocean coast.
But also smooth paddling towards the sunset is possible/allowed.

River Kayaking

There is a possibility to explore the Punta Uva River by Kayak for yourself or you can make a tour to the Sixaola River in the Talmancan range. You will be driven up the Sixaola River to Shiroles. From there you paddle downstream to Bribri, where you will be picked up again. A combination with a visit at the Indian reserve in Shiroles is possible.

Price: Sixaola River Tour $60 / Person

......-with Indian Reserve $65 / Person


White water rafting at Pacuare River or at Reventazón River. Each tour is a whole day trip with transportation, lunch and an approxiate rivertime from 4 hours.

Pacuare River:...............Reventazón River:

Difficulty: III-IV............ Difficulty: IV+

Distance: 30 kms...........Distance: 24 kms

Rapids: 38.....................Rapids: 44

Price: $95 / Person


A fishing line, a fish hook, a bait and a beer - you can catch marlin, red snapper, sailfish, tuna, wahoo, snook and tarpon year round.
But the best fish will be served in the Restaurant Elena Brown!

"Salsa Brava" is the famous wave in Puerto Viejo which is breaking over Hawaiian-style coral reef. 300m from Monte Sol.

"Beach Break" is located at Cocles Beach, just 1km east of "Salsa Brava". Also good for beginners. Board rental and surf lessons are available.

Description and ratings by

Salsa has been called Costa Rica's heaviest and best wave, and believe it: pound for pound, it's as intense as any coral reef double-up right tube in the world. At 6-foot, picture a cross between baby Backdoor and Laniekea -- not as suicidal as the Box in West Oz or anything, but heavy enough to place your heart in your mouth, especially if you'd always thought of Costa Rica as a funboarder's paradise.

Perfecto-meter: 8 (1=Lake Erie; 10=Jeffreys Bay)
Bottom: sharp coral reef
Ability level: intermediate to very advanced
Best season: December-February


There are two Diving Centers in Puerto Viejo area. One in Puerto Viejo and one in Manzanillo. Two tank dive costs around $65.

The best months for snorkeling are February/March and August to October.

The Submarine Paradies' entrance is 200 meters in front of our door. A coral reef off the coast offers you a lot of underwater-beauties to discover.
Imagine floating along on ocean surface, your weightless body undulating in the tepid water, under you a coral reef bed getting colored by the twinkling and dancing sunbeams. Watch butterfly fish as they dart about in perfect sparkling unison or follow brilliantly colored parrotfish meandering through a fluid neighborhood.
And to make the impression complete: sea turtles, stingrays, barracuda, etc.
Other spots: Manzanillo, Playa Chiquita and Punta Uva, also a pleasant alternative providing terrific swimming possibilities, even if sea is rough.


Not absolutely a watersport, but a possibility to watch wild dolphins in their natural habitat.

Talamanca Dolphin Foundation, Research:
Local knowledge of dolphins along the Atlantic coast of the Talamanca region in Costa Rica provided the base for the first scientific study of these dolphins in April and May, 1997. Identification of three species of dolphins- Tucuxi , Bottlenose and Atlantic spotted sparked immediate interest among scientists and dolphin lovers. Until this time, tucuxi dolphins were not known to exist as far north as Costa Rica. Tucuxi are a little-studied species of dolphins found in fresh water of rivers, estuaries and adjacent coastal areas of South America, and, until this, as far north as Panama. The presence of bottlenose dolphins in the same study area, were identified and observed almost daily interacting with the tucuxi.

Price: $45 / Person